Katziela Transportador Chameleon Commuter


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Don’t like the color of your pet carrier? Well, with the  Chameleon Commuter, which  includes an assortment of different styles of removable covers, you can change the look  of your pet carrier whenever you wish to change up your look. The carrier itself is soft, cozy, and comfortable. Easy to carry and transport, it is TSA approved and is perfect for all sorts of travel.

  • Mesh Windows for Air Circulation
  • Handles with Adjustable Strap for Carrying
  • Removable bed with Fleece Padding
  • Zippered Pocket for Storage
  • Cozy Interior and Protective Exterior
  • Removable Zipper
  • Multiple Zipper Openings for Easy Access
  • Airline Approved


  • 45.7 cm x 22.8 cm x 30.5 cm