Hunter Shampoo Spa White Fur 200 ml.


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When it comes to the care of four-legged friends, dog owners and cat lovers make no compromises. Because only a well cared for animal is also a satisfied one. And who actually says that washing, grooming and combing must be an annoying duty? After all, the animal wellness program always means a lot of closeness and undivided attention. The pH-neutral shampoos in the SPA series turn the regular skin and coat care into a feel-good experience. Both two- and four-legged friends enjoy the pleasantly comfy and relaxed feeling afterwards! The care of white fur appears particularly complex at first sight, but is basically no magic. To clean the sensitive coat and protect it from yellowing, shampoo SPA for white coat is ideal. It contains no bleaching agents, cleans mildly and gently and its concentration is adapted to the different coat structures. The shampoo has a pleasant and natural fragrance.

  • Caring dog shampoo for dogs with white fur
  • Optimal cleaning and protection against yellowing of dogs with white fur
  • Gentle, mildly cleansing ingredients
  • No bleaching agents used
  • For a well-groomed, silky-white coat
  • Pleasant, natural fragrance
  • Free of silicones, mineral oils and paraffins
  • Made in Germany