Hunter Juguete Interactivo Kem

S/54.81 S/60.90



Everything has a purpose here – before dog or cat is rewarded with little snacks, he or she has to first find out how to get access to the treats. This brainteaser toy has three small containers that can be filled with snacks via the funnel in the middle. To get to the delicious treats, the hungry pet first has to turn the small containers around with their nose, paw or muzzle. Then the sweet-smelling object of pet’s desire falls out as an immediate reward. Interactive fun that not only satisfies the urge to play, but also encourages a spirit of discovery and promotes pet’s ability to learn.

Plástico, Juguete de inteligencia para perros y gatos, puede rellenarse con golosinas y el animal recibe por sí mismo la recompensa cuando resuelve la tarea.

  • interactive brainteaser for dogs and cats
  • can be filled with snacks
  • including a practical funnel


  • 20 x 9 cm