Hunter Cinturon Para Trotar Tacoma Active


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Jogging is a healthy activity which you don’t need any equipment for, other than a pair of good trainers. Dog owners love to bring their dogs along with them while they go for a jog, and their dogs have plenty of fun accompanying them. However, it isn’t always possible to bring your dog out without a leash. We at HUNTER have thought about this and come up with the TACOMA ACTIVE jogging belt with a leash and removable reflective pockets. You can adjust the belt continuously up to a length of 120 centimetres. The accompanying leash can be attached to the belt using a safety lock. It features a shock-absorber so that you will have enough time to react if your dog tries to pull you in another direction or makes any sudden movements. The TACOMA ACTIVE jogging belt has removable pockets which can be used to store your smartphone, dog treats or other small objects. To quench your thirst during your jog, the belt also features a holder for a small water bottle. All pockets on the TACOMA ACTIVE jogging belt have reflective elements to guarantee you’ll be safe and sound while you’re out and about.

  • Con correa elástica.
  • Cinturón ajustable hasta 120 cm.
  • Correa de paseo reflectante con amortiguador y largo regulable.
  • Gracias a su cierre de seguridad la correa se puede fijar al cinturón de correr o utilizar como correa de mano.
  • Cuenta con un anillo en forma de D en el cinturón para enganchar el mosquetón de la correa.
  • Bolsillo adicional para el móvil.
  • Bolsillo para meter comida y utensilios y bolsillo para una botella de medio litro (todos los bolsillos son reflectantes y extraíbles).
  • Uppers: Nylon/Plastic
  • Under material: Nylon/Plastic