Hunter Cama Aarhus Cushion

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Your dog would have to keep a constant eye on its AARHUS dog cushion, lest you should be tempted to steal it away from him! The soft and cosy cushion, with its trendy pattern in gentle colours, is so pretty that you would want one too. Through its delicate colours–either a light sea blue or a stormy overcast grey–the cushion clearly reminds one of the sea, the clouds and the beach. This sense of the sea is perfectly complemented by the clear starry print. Although AARHUS dog cushions clearly represent the nautical look, they go well with any ambience or setting thanks to their clever design. AARHUS dog cushions are not just pretty, they are also clever, or rather cleverly designed. The textile finish with Bionic Finish® C6 and SILVERPLUS® makes them resistant to dirt and liquids, which in turn prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. For this reason, a wash cycle at 30°C is also sufficient to clean the cover. AARHUS dog cushions are available in two colours and two sizes. Algodón, el relleno (Poliéster) se puede sacar íntegramente con ayuda de las cremalleras, funda lavable a 30°C, equipado con repelente de agua y suciedad y antibacteriano, equipado con SILVERPLUS® y BIONIC FINISH® C6

  • wasser- und schmutzabweisend sowie antibaketriell mit SILVERPLUS® und BIONIC FINISH® C6 ausgerüstet
  • Füllung kann dank Reißverschlüssen komplett entnommen werden
  • Bezug bei 30°C waschbar


  • M 80 x 60 cm
  • L 100 x 80 cm
Peso 1 kg